Artem Belov: The most popular Russian dairy products in Saudi Arabia are cheeses

Источник: The DairyNews
During the round table meeting "Certification of halal products", held as part of the business mission of Russian companies exporting agricultural products with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, organized by the Federal Center Agroexport, General Director of Soyuzmoloko Artem Belov said that Saudi Arabia is one of the priority areas for Russian exports of dairy products, writes The DairyNews.

The expert said that in 2020, Russian exports of dairy products in physical terms increased by 20%, and in monetary terms - by 15%.

Artem Belov said that Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region are a priority for Russian exports of dairy products, as there is a significant potential for consumption of dairy products

According to the expert, the main products for export to this region are cheeses: especially soft and processed cheeses - as well as cottage cheese and butter. Artem Belov added that such Russian exchange-traded products as whole milk powder remain popular in Saudi Arabia.

‘Our advantage is the smooth weakening of the ruble, which makes our exports highly competitive. At present, we are at the very beginning of the supply route to the Kingdom, but soon, we will have something to brag about,’ concluded Artem Belov.

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