Anna Moiseeva: new tastes - a way to increase the consumption of dairy products

Источник: The DairyNews
Anna Moiseeva, Head of the Dairy products Purchasing Department of the Perekrestok retail chain, spoke at the conference "New Image of Milk" about the trends that are in demand among the chain's customers.

"New niches today come from old products - kefir with filling, ryazhenka with jam. Such a reinterpretation of traditional products is in demand in Europe and there are examples in Russia,’ said Anna Moiseeva.

According to the expert, companies that give consumers what they want contribute to the growth of consumption of dairy products. Today, the representative of Perekrestok noted, sugar-free products enriched with protein, lactose-free dairy products, and enriched products are in demand.

‘When choosing what to give to consumers, it is important to remember that large markets are reducing the consumption of traditional milk - in Moscow alone in 2020 (Nielsen data for January-November), the consumption of traditional white milk decreased by 14 million liters,’ said Anna Moiseeva.

Event organizers: The Beviale Moscow exhibition, the V-Brand marketing agency, the FOXM sustainable business development agency, news agency The Dairy News, and the Dairy Intelligence Agency DIA.
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