Altaikholod launched a new plant for the production of frozen cakes

Источник: The DairyNews
Altayholod, the largest ice cream production and sales company in Russia, is diversifying its assets, developing a promising direction for the production of frozen confectionery and cakes, reported in the press service of the regional government to The DairyNews.

In autumn, the milk processing plant launched a new shop, which allowed to expand the range of products. Commissioning works were carried out in the spring of this year, and in September, the division reached its planned indicators. Currently, the company produces about two thousand cakes per shift, but the capacity of the shop can significantly increase the production of confectionery products.

‘We started studying this topic at the end of last year, and in August we opened a new production shop for the production of this type of product. In addition, the prospects are quite good. We believe that these products will be a great help for us. The fact is that frozen cakes well cover the seasonal demand for our main products. Roughly speaking, the demand for ice cream is falling, and the demand for cakes is starting to grow. Therefore, we hope that this will offset our seasonal peaks, and we believe that this area will become an equal participant in our business processes. But it's a matter of a few nearest years,’ said General Director of the company Altaikholod Mikhail Turkin.

Currently, Altayholod produces more than 150 items of ice cream under the brand name "Russian kholod" according to original recipes. These are cups, Popsicles, briquettes, cones, rolls. Products manufactured in Barnaul are delivered to all regions of the country, as well as exported to the CIS countries, Germany, China, the USA, Serbia and other foreign countries.

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