Alexey Mayorov: introduction of labeling requires constant parliamentary control

Источник: The DairyNews
According to Alexey Mayorov, Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on agricultural and food policy and environmental management, the issue of introducing product labeling, taking into account the impact it will have on the quality of products, requires constant parliamentary control. The expert assured that such control would be carried out by the Committee, reports The DairyNews with reference to an online meeting held on Tuesday at the site of the Federation Council.

‘The labeling that we are discussing today is a fundamentally new type of product labeling. Experience shows that excessively fast and thoughtless decision-making is not always advisable - you do not need to mark all products indiscriminately, but follow them in stages. This requires a risk-oriented approach, it is necessary to label products that are most susceptible to falsification,’ said Alexey Mayorov.

We will remind that the experiment on labeling products in some industries, including dairy, began on July 15, 2019. Mandatory labeling of dairy products was originally planned to be introduced in stages since May 1, 2021, but now the question of postponing it for another month is being raised.

Alexey Mayorov noted that the issue of labeling dairy products is inextricably linked to the Mercury system, which has proven itself well. In this context, according to the expert, it is important to eliminate the risk of duplication of systems as much as possible and ensure that Mercury works up to a unit of production and traces from raw materials, and then labeling is included.

‘It is very important to enable the CATD system itself, manufacturers, trade, and consumers to prepare for implementation, so that the system works effectively and does not create a stupor in the movement of goods. As lawmakers, we will take part in this work and exercise parliamentary control,’ added Alexey Mayorov.

We will remind, the meeting on "Status and problems of implementation in the Russian Federation the system for commodity labeling with identification and traceability of movements of goods" was held yesterday in the Federation Council. The event was prepared jointly by the Federation Council Committee on economic policy and the Federation Council Committee on agricultural and food policy and environmental management and was held via videoconference.

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