Alexey Alyokhin: regional specifics have an impact on the digitalization of the agro-industrial complex

Источник: The DairyNews
At the round table meeting "Digital trends in agriculture against the background of the pandemic", organized within the framework of the exhibition "Agrocomplex", Head of the Department of Development and Management of information resources of the Ministry of Agriculture of Altai region shared the experience of the region.

The representative of the region spoke about the creation and development of a regional platform for providing digital services for agriculture and the specifics of implementing advanced developments in the agro-industrial complex of the region.

Alexey Alyokhin noted that any developments and solutions for all branches of agriculture should be based on the main question: who, in the end, will use the product of these developments.

‘When we talk about a platform solution, we have to talk about the manufacturers who will consume these solutions. In Altai region, medium and large producers are a very small percentage of enterprises. 84% of agricultural organizations in Altai are micro- and 10% are small enterprises. These are farmers who produce a significant share of the products. We must take this into account in our developments, our implementations, and our decisions.’


Speaking about the development of the IS RESPAC digital platform, the speaker stressed that the key reference point was also usability, accessibility, and effective user awareness. ‘It was important for us to create a simple scheme that is clear and accessible to farmers at the stage of forming a set of documents.’

Important in the development of such solutions, according to the expert, is the ability to get the most complete information on the documentation, as well as the ability to check the documents sent by the farmer before his arrival at the instance and quickly make changes.


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