Alexander Sayapin: Positive news — we are raising milk prices by more than 20%

Источник: The DairyNews
In a comment to The DairyNews on the results of 2021, the general director of LLC Strelnya in Kaluga region said that the farm has positive news associated with an increase in the cost of raw milk in January 2022 when it is sold to processors. With an increase in prices by more than 20%, said the head of the enterprise, production will start to pay off.

‘Currently, the price at which we deliver milk to processors does not pay off its cost, but since January 2022 it will pay off, since we are setting new prices for our milk,’ he stressed. ‘We conclude long contracts with processors and now we deliver milk at the prices that were prescribed in the contract at the beginning of 2021. Since next year its cost will grow by more than 20%.

When asked at what price consumers will buy milk in stores, the head replied: 

‘I can't say for sure, probably by 20-50%. As far as people can buy.

Speaking about the results of last year, he said that it was ‘an ordinary year.’ The farm in 2021 increased milk production by about 30-40% and now produces from 20 to 23 tons of milk per day. For comparison, in 2020 it was around 14-15 tons per day.

‘The increase in milk production is due to the introduction of new capacities,’ said the expert. ‘Every year we take loans and introduce a new farm, increase livestock and, accordingly, production volumes. We have cows of different breeds on our farms. Now there are 750 forage-fed cows, and the total herd is 1300 animals.

When asked about plans for 2022, Alexander Sayapin said that he does not plan anything yet:

‘We'll wait and see. I never make long-term plans, maximum for three months. If there are subsidies, we will expand, if there are no subsidies, we will not. If a loan is provided, we will expand, if not - we will not.

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