Agropromkomplektatsiya will build a megafarm in Tver region for 4.45 billion rubles

Источник: The DairyNews
Agropromkomplektatsiya Holding will build a megafarm in Tver region for 4.45 billion rubles. This was announced during a meeting between Governor Igor Rudeni and General Director of the Group of Companies Sergey Novikov, reported in the press service of the regional government to The DairyNews.

‘The Group of companies Agropromkomplektatsiya is one of the largest investment partners in our region,’ Igor Rudenya said. ‘The projects you have already implemented on the territory of the Upper Volga region have allowed us to bring the traditional meat and dairy farming industries of Tver region to a new level of development and to create more than three thousand jobs for our residents.’

Igor Rudenya and Sergey Novikov discussed the construction of a specialized farm for breeding young cattle of dairy breeds in Konakovo district. The volume of investments is over 520 million rubles. It is also planned to modernize the enterprise for the production of whole-milk products in Konakovo district.

In Rzhev district, the company announced the construction of a livestock complex for 6 thousand heads of cattle. Investments in the project will amount to 4.45 billion rubles.

Due to the new investment projects, more than 200 new jobs will be created.

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