Agrocomplex produced one and a half times more cheese in 2020

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The largest vertically integrated holding company in the South of Russia – Agrocomplex named after N. I. Tkachev – increased cheese production by 54% in 2020, said Yuri Yeibozhenko, Deputy General Director of the company for food production. The plans for the next year are to increase the indicators and start construction of a new cheese factory, writes The DairyNews with reference to the press service of the holding.

‘In the milk processing division, we achieved daily milk processing of 523 tons (plus 18% compared to last year), in the production of cheeses, our mark is 9.3 thousand tons (plus 54% compared to last year),’ he said. - I will also note the success in working with the range of processed cheeses, which was reflected in the growth of production volumes: now our mark is 440 tons (plus 15% compared to last year).

According to him, next year the volume of daily milk processing will reach 570 tons. The Agrocomplex will produce 83.3 thousand tons of whole milk products, 10.5 thousand tons of cheeses. In addition, in 2021, the construction of a factory for the production of blue cheeses will be launched.

‘We will process about 100 tons of raw materials and produce 10 tons of finished products,’ said Yeibozhenko. - Preliminary figures are as follows: 7 tons of cheese with white mold and 3 tons of blue cheese, but the ratio may still change. The plant will start operating in about one and a half to two years. If we reach the planned production, we will take up to 33% of the existing market of blue cheeses.’

Agrocomplex named after N.I. Tkachev produces more than 20 varieties of cheese under the brand "Nikolaev cheese factories", which are produced at the most modern cheese factory in Russia "Cheeses of Kuban". The plant with an area of 22 thousand square meters, with a capacity of up to 500 tons of milk per day was launched in 2018. The project provides the second stage with processing up to 600 tons of milk per day.

The company supplies milk and fermented dairy products to the stores of Agrocomplex Vyselkovsky, as well as other retail chains – both local and federal – such as cottage cheese, curd masses and curds, sour cream, cream and butter, ice cream made exclusively from its own raw materials. In addition, the dairy industry of the holding produces dry dairy products. The first in Russia they launced the production of whey with a high degree of mineralization D90 - a key raw material for the production of breast milk substitutes for infant formula.

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