AgriVolga will start construction of a dairy farm worth 1.3 billion rubles

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A new dairy farm of the agricultural holding AgriVolga worth 1.3 billion rubles will appear in Rybinsk district of Yaroslavl region. The task of the new dairy farm is to provide the Uglich cheese and dairy plant with raw milk, reported in the press service of the holding to The DairyNews.

The agricultural holding AgriVolga, one of the Russian leaders in the production of organic products (the brand Ugleche Pole), located in Uglich, Yaroslavl region, will build a dairy complex on the territory of Rybinsk district.

‘The dairy complex will be built on the basis of the existing farm Mologa, which is located in Glebovsky settlement, said Elena Yashaeva, General Director of the holding AgriVolga. Now there is a dairy herd for 500 head, and the new farm will have 1200 cows. We have carried out design work, the results are now being evaluated, and construction will begin in April 2021.’

As explained by Elena Yashaeva, the dairy complex is being constructed to provide raw materials for the capacities of the Uglich cheese and dairy plant, which will complete the modernization process in December 2020. Milk will be delivered to the plant for the production of dairy products of the brands "From Uglich" and "Yaroslava". The farm will use, among other things, the Holstein breed of cows that give high milk yields; the average fat content of milk is 3.7 - 3.8 percent. The farm will produce up to 30 tons of milk per day.

As noted in AgriVolga, the new project has several advantages. First, it is the territorial proximity to regions with high demand and consumption of products (Moscow and Moscow region), full control over all parts of the production chain – from forage production to milking and milk shipment. Secondly, the dairy complex will introduce the world's leading technologies. The project corresponds to the strategic directions of development of the state in the field of agriculture, contributes to the socio-economic development of Yaroslavl region.

The total cost and distribution of project financing is 1300 million rubles.

In accordance with the investment agreement on cooperation between AgriVolga and Yaroslavl region, it is planned to resolve the issue of providing state support in the form of subsidies and attracting preferential loans together with the regional government.

The new dairy complex will produce 10,000 tons of milk and 300 tons of meat annually. The project has an important social significance. More than 75 new jobs with stable wages will be created here, and young specialists will have an opportunity to find employment.

From the point of view of the budget efficiency of the project for 2021-2036, tax revenues from the dairy complex to budgets of all levels will amount to more than 350 million rubles, of which 140 million rubles will go to the Federal budget, 82.5 million rubles to the regional budget, 10 million rubles to the local budget and 117.5 million rubles to extra-budgetary funds.

Construction of the first dairy complex will be completed in the summer of 2022. The creation of the new dairy complex will help achieve the goals of the state program for the development of agriculture and regulation of markets for agricultural products, raw materials and food.

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