Agricultural holding Chebomilk has launched a new 72-seat milking parlour of a carousel type

Источник: The DairyNews
The owner of the Chuvash Agricultural holding Chebomilk Sergey Anuchin said that the company continues the second stage of modernization, which is planned to be completed in the second half of this year, writes The DairyNews.

He noted that a new 72-seat milking parlour of a carousel type of the Italian company Milkline was recently launched in the agricultural holding. This year, it is also planned to launch 3 cowsheds for 600 cows each.

‘This is the final stage. After the launch of the cowsheds, 1 thousand 800 cows will be milked in a new milking parlour. The total number of dairy cows at the complex will be 3 thousand. I think that the full modernization will be completed by September 2021,’ said Sergey Anuchin, noting that the loan from VTB Bank significantly contributed to the implementation of the project.

He said that now volume of milk production at Chebomilk is 54 tons per day. According to Sergey Anuchin, in two years the company can reach the level of 100 tons of milk production per day.

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