According to Rosstat cheese production in 2020 increased to 566 thousand tons

Источник: The DairyNews
According to the operational report of Rosstat, cheese production in Russia in 2020 increased by 4.8% to 566 thousand tons, reports The DairyNews.

In December, cheese production increased to 47.7 thousand tons per month, which is 4% more than in November 2020. However, this figure was 4.1% lower than in December 2019.

In addition, in 2020, Russian enterprises increased the production of butter - up to 282 thousand tons. This is 4.7% more than a year earlier.

In December, 23.3 thousand tons of butter was produced, which is 14.6% more than in November 2020 and 3.3% more than in December 2019.

The output of processed milk (except raw) reached 5.4 million tons, an increase of 1.5% over the year. In December, 473 thousand tons of processed milk was produced.

Margarine production in the country in 2020 decreased by 2.9% to 438 thousand tons.

As noted in the materials of Rosstat, as of January 1, 2021, the stocks of dairy products in retail chains increased by 3.6% compared to December 1, 2020. This includes stocks of fat cheeses that increased by 3.9%.

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