A record daily milk yield was recorded at the dairy complexes of the Group of companies Agropromkomplektatsiya

Источник: The DairyNews
500,079 kg was a record daily milk yield on January 10, 2022 – this is the total result of highly productive work of dairy complexes of cattle at Group of companies Agropromkomplektatsiya located in Kursk and Tver regions, reported in the press service of the holding to The DairyNews.

Commissioning and systematic filling of new livestock facilities in Dmitriev and Zheleznogorsk districts of Kursk region allows the Group of companies to increase milk production. The gross yield received since the beginning of January 2022 is currently almost 5,000 tons.

Dairy cattle complexes "Dmitrievsky" and "Troitskiy-2", designed for 12 thousand cattle units and 6 thousand cattle units, respectively, were put into operation in early July 2021. The Department of Dairy and Meat Animal Husbandry continues to complete actively the herd at new facilities. Their full capacity in the spring of 2022 will allow the Group of companies Agropromkomplektatsiya to more than double the gross milk yield and rise to the 3rd place in the ranking of the largest producers of raw milk in Russia with a production volume of 200 thousand tons per year.


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