A new line of cheeses for children was launched in Korolev

Источник: mosregtoday.ru
Cheese factory Cheese & Beer from Korolev from Moscow region launched a new line of cheeses for children, reported the regional Ministry of agriculture.

‘One of the best farms in Moscow region for the production of artisan cheeses for the New year decided to please children and launched a new product line specifically for them,’ said acting head of the Department Sergey Voskresensky.

All cheeses are made by hand from high-quality cow milk. Among children's novelties there are four types of cheese sweets: Gorgonzola with pear, Camembert with honey, cheese Peshcherny with nut and Mars with citrus, as well as dessert - Belgian chocolate with sponge cake and cheese candy with white chocolate and nuts.

‘The production volume is five thousand units per month,’ said Voskresensky.

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