431 million rubles will be allocated for the development of dairy farming in Karelia this year

Источник: gazeta-karelia.ru
As Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Vladimir Labinov said at a meeting on the development of dairy farming, which was held by Head of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov, this year the enterprises plan to ensure an increase in milk production by increasing the number of livestock and productivity. Since 2018, support for the agro-industrial complex in Karelia has doubled. This year, budget support will amount to 623 million rubles, 431 million rubles will be allocated for the development of dairy farming.

Land reclamation is planned to be carried out on an area of at least 1 thousand hectares — an increase of 55% by 2021. There are plans to start building a dairy farm for 1,200 dairy cattle at the state farm Vedlozersky and a livestock complex at the state farm Tolvuysky. The development of design and estimate documentation for the construction of a livestock complex based on the capacities of the agricultural firm Tuksa will be carried out. 

Labinov said that all enterprises producing milk will conclude agreements to participate in the implementation of the state program and apply for subsidies. The agreements define the indicators that enterprises should achieve by the end of the year.

‘I ask that the obligations be real. It is necessary to approach each enterprise individually. State support measures should stimulate the development of farms,’ Parfenchikov stressed.

According to Labinov, the republic is interested in all milk produced in Karelia being processed here. Olonetsky dairy plant, for example, accepts 40 tons of milk, although it can process 50 tons. Parfenchikov instructed to work strictly within the framework of milk supply contracts between suppliers and processing enterprises.

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