3000 tons of milk per day is reached by farms of EkoNiva

Источник: The DairyNews
On February 2, the daily milk yield on EkoNiva farms exceeded 3,000 tons. Since 2014, EkoNiva has been a dairy flagship in Russia. In recent years, the company has firmly established itself in the top five world leaders in milk production, reported in the press service of the holding.

The dairy route of EkoNiva began on September 1, 2007 with the opening of a farm for 1,200 cows in Voronezh region. The last five years have been really effective in the development of dairy farming. In 2017- the first 1000 tons of milk. In 2019 – 2000 tons, and just a year and a half later, a new impressive record – 3000 tons of milk per day. Today, the company has 41 modern livestock complexes, more than 105,000 forage-fed cows in 13 regions of Russia.

The support of the state and the partnership with Rosselkhozbank were important factors that allowed us to grow and develop rapidly, said President of the company Stefan Duerr. Among the internal secrets of success, the main milk producer of the country noted the professionalism of the team.

– Our most important asset is the people, says Stefan Duerr. – We have created a unique training system. Our own school of animal husbandry provides an opportunity to train specialists with high quality and constantly improve their skills. I am very grateful to my team for their skill, perseverance and ability to work hard every minute. With such a strong team, we will overcome any peaks.

Milk quality is much more important than the quantity believe in the company. This directly depends on the comfort and health of the cows.

‘Our new farms are like five – star hotels,’ says Ramon Schenk, deputy CEO of the company. – There is a lot of space, comfortable bedding and delicious food. Animals can walk outside. In such conditions, the cows feel great and make us happy with delicious milk only of the highest grade.

But, as they say, there is no limit to perfection. EkoNiva constantly improves the rations from its own forages, improves the genetics of animals, using the semen of the world's best bulls. This brings tangible results: the average productivity per forage-fed cow is more than 28 kg. This allows us to reduce the cost per liter of milk and control the cost price. This is especially important when the purchasing power of the population is not growing and the increase in the price on the market is difficult to perceive.

The plan for this year is to complete the construction of four farms, contributing to the food security of milk. EkoNiva also intends to go deeper into processing and expand the export of dairy products. Taking into account the current market conditions and the exchange rate, the supply of dairy products to China is becoming very attractive. However, the main thing is the domestic market. Already today, 18,000 stores in the country sell EKONIVA dairy products.

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