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We are very pleased to invite you to the Turkish & Italian Joint International Congress of Animal Reproduction, to be held at “Amara Luxury Resort, Kemer, Antalya Hotel" between 10-13 October 2024 by REP-BIL and S.I.R.A. This congress will be an enjoyable and productive meeting, serving as the academic summit of the Science of Animal Reproduction and a training ground for scientists, veterinarians, and academicians. They will have the opportunity to present and discuss the results of their work with a distinguished audience, covering a wide range of topics in animal reproduction.

It will be both enjoyable and productive meeting to be together with our colleagues around the world at our international congress, which is the academic summit of the Science of Animal Reproduction.

At the International Congress, papers will be organized into key themes, encompassing a variety of topics in animal reproduction. These include reproduction in both large and small animals, advances in reproductive biotechnology, andrology, and cutting-edge research in genomics and proteomics. Additionally, the congress will feature insights into physiological aspects and reproduction across diverse animal species.

Accepted abstracts will be published in the congress abstract book and made available on the Frontiers publishing platform. In addition some selected original research papers will be published in a special supplement of the journal Frontiers of Veterinary Science”, which is indexed in web of science Q1 category.

Invited speakers and researchers from around the world will share their latest scientific work on the reproduction of a wide variety of animal species.

Researchers, large and small animal clinicians, workers in the field of animal reproduction and companies will have the opportunity to monitor and discuss new scientific approaches in a wide range of fields of animal reproduction ranging from semen assessments to reproductive toxicology.