Статистика молочного рынка по региону Украина

Dairy Index DIA

Статистика цены на молоко

Индикатор цены на сырое молоко позволяет узнать средневзвешенную цену на сырое молоко во всех регионах Российской Федерации

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Ukraine: Milk Increases, Prices Look Downward


Raw milk is becoming cheaper in Ukraine due to increased production volumes in spring and the emergence of surpluses in the market. Dairy processing enterprises require less raw materials amidst slowing exports and reduced consumption of dairy products in the domestic market. Further devaluation of the hryvnia and increased supplies of dairy products to Europe could contribute to stabilization of purchase prices, according to Georgiy Kukhaleishvili, an analyst at the Milk Producers Association.

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